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Garmin vs. TomTom

Would you like to buy a GPS navigator for your car? If you have studied this issue, then you probably know that there are only a few major manufacturers on the market, these are Garmin and TomTom. So let’s see who is better. Both Garmin and TomTom make the best satellite navigators. They both produce …

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Cars navigation systems

Currently, navigation system devices are standard on the car, and some devices can be connected separately after purchase. Car navigation systems attach the car to the top of the dashboard to make it easier to see the map while driving.Car GPS navigators always offer the best route, taking into account real-time traffic information, as well …

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Garmin or TomTom?

Dear visitors of the site, you are invited to participate in the discussion of topical issues related to the use of maps and satellite navigation systems. We will periodically suggest topics for discussion. The first topic proposed for discussion is a comparison of the top Garmin and TomTom devices. Which has the best performance considering …

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GPS update: how often should navigation maps be updated?

Importance of updating Nowadays, GPS navigation systems no longer just provide you with some fixed map of the road network. They already include many important elements for a successful trip: speed limits, sights, dangers… This tool quickly loses its value if you don’t have the latest update. When to update GPS?You understand how important it …

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